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OSP (One Screen Program) Submissions


Just Plants OOPS

12_OATMEAL i'm here to test shit Perksa
LU_MYRTLE It's my game yay Press A to become a good plant Lumage
PERSKA_SUCKS I hate you kill yuorself 12Me21

Superior Contest

DEFINITELYUNIQUE Is this short enough? randomouscrap98
HELP I can't stop thinking lewd things about your wrists I want to tie them up and kiss you while you're helpless Elly
PLANT.PRG n-no i meant your name Press Start to start Lumage

The actual contest

MYPROGRAM it's amazing please believe please testuser
REAL BREASTS ahhhn pixel said uwuing softly ivlike it when you bite into my soft tissues me too, thanks says Lumage
REGULAR it's a complicated thing yeah randomouscrap98

OK for real this time

aliens It's a game A - shoot B - jab X - explode randomouscrap98
SUPERMAN So what happens when I reach the max character limit? It's important that I find out, so here I go. Blah blah blah wow such end testuser

Henlo this is fourth group

ADSFAS it's a thing randomouscrap98

The first working contest?


Henlo this is second group


Henlo this is first group