1 April, 2016 SmileBoom Co. Ltd.

SmileBoom Co. Ltd. Acquired by SEGA 
〜 "We will continue to produce engaging software for the world" 〜 

Today, a deal was completed which established SmileBoom Co. Ltd. (Offices: Sapporo, Hokkaido; President: Takaki Kobayashi) a property of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo).

SmileBoom will continue develop software to make you "smile" but now under the SEGA label. Additionally, this acquiry means an opportunity to use SEGA properties in our development software, such as Petit Computer 3 SmileBASIC. Expect SEGA materials to be available as downloadable content in the future.

On April 25th, we will announce the improvements to our software we will be able to offer due to the new support by SEGA.


We are pleased to preemptively announce that SmileBASIC will be renamed to SonicBASIC, in honor of SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog, the plumber. This change will be reflected in the upcoming 3.3.0 update. Additionally, speed improvements will come along with this, thanks to advice from the amazing developers at SEGA.

SEGA Game Builder

After the release of Smile Game Builder: RPG Edition, we will begin work on builders for other genres of games, featuring content from classic SEGA games, thanks to support from the company. We hope that these builders will encourage aspiring young game designers to try their hand at making all kinds of interesting games!

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