You've seen the craze for learning code. But what exactly is "coding?" Coding is:

"Converting a message or text from one symbolic into another, usually in an encoded or unreadable form." -"coding," (WebFinance, Inc)

In this case, we're talking about translating our human instructions for a computer into a "language" that a computer can understand! With coding, we can make a computer do anything we want. You'll see a lot of phrases used that mean the same thing as coding, but they miss a big part of a coder's job. Code is for machines, and humans don't need to read it! Therefore, good coders should follow the "unreadable" part of coding--something that "programmers" sometimes forget. One of the coding languages that computers can understand is called Perl. Coders often write code called a "Hello World" that displays the text "Hello World" as an example of a coding language. Here's a simple example of how you might code that in Perl:

my $s = 'He doubted my sanity, or perhaps he thought he had heard wrong or misunderstood me. But when he was clear on the subject, and particularly after he felt-the seriousness of my intention, he opposed it with all the determination of his nature. His decision was extremely simple, for any consideration of what abilities I might really have was simply out of the question.';

my @nrecahxinUlrePrehtonatsuJ = (
	  -scalar(@{[$s =~ /(sanit|e)/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /he\s/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /io/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /as/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /io/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /\sthe/g]}),scalar(@{[$s =~ /\sthe/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /an/g]}),-468/scalar(@{[$s =~ /io/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /[dea]/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /\sthe/g]}),scalar(@{[$s =~ /as/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /an/g]}),scalar(@{[$s =~ /,/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /io/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /as/g]}),-scalar(@{[$s =~ /[of]/g]})/scalar(@{[$s =~ /was/g]}),
); $\ = "\n";
print map{pack 'C', 330/3 + $_} @nrecahxinUlrePrehtonatsuJ;

There are dozens of coding languages used by coders today. Some of the best known besides Perl are C/C++, HTML, Malbolge, BASIC, and Lisp. Coders who can code in these coding languages are very valuable to employers for their coding skills.